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  • Enjoy High Quality Sound wherever you are with the 5 in 1 Wireless Headphones from GLOW
  • Slim Base Station Stand with 8m Indoor Range FM Transmitter and Control Switches
  • Stylish Over Ear Headphones with Soft Padding for added comfort
  • Features Rich Sounds, Deep Bass, Built in FM Radio and Microphone
  • Ideal for Watching TV, Gaming, Web Chat, Music and Movies


Enjoy High Quality Sound wherever you are with the 5 in 1 Wireless Headphones from GLOW

These Comfortable Headphones allow you to gain freedom from the restraints of cables and wires. Fancy a cuppa from the kitchen or a walk out in the garden? There's no need to stop play. Take your music with you. Offering a range of up to 100 m in open space and 8m indoors (even through walls), audio is flawlessly transmitted from an audio source at the base unit to the headset on your ears with no distortion or loss of sound quality. Clarity is maintained through each and every room and even different floors to deliver an outstanding audio experience throughout your daily activities, as you move around the home or office.

The 5 in 1 Wireless Headphones from GLOW are easy to use. Simply plug your chosen device into the base unit using the included 3.5 mm jack-2 RCA connection cable, switch on both headphones and device and you're ready to go.

Not just limited to music, the 3.5 mm jack connection offers extensive compatibility across most modern mobile devices, such as iPods and smartphones, as well as televisions, DVD players and audio amplifiers. The 5 in 1 Wireless Headphones from GLOW also feature a built in FM Radio and Microphone, making it perfect for gaming, web chat and monitoring. Equipped with an Audio Cable, the Headphones can also be used as a wired headphone when needed. The clear, high-quality sound reproduction makes it ideal for watching films or television programmes, where the user can turn up the volume and immerse themselves in the action without disturbances. Watch late night TV as loud as you want without complaints from the neighbours. A sensitive frequency range allows subtle sounds and effects to be picked up that may not have previously been audible on standard TV speakers.

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included) or a 4.5 V DC adaptor (not included)