Window Bird Feeder

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  • Watch the Birds Feed from the Warmth and Comfort of your Home
  • Quick and Easy to Install - Ideal from Attracting a Wide Variety of Bird
  • Features Strong Suction Cups to Attach to Glass Surface and Integrated Seed Tray
  • Includes FREE Bird Spotting Chart with Common UK Garden Birds
  • DIMENSIONS - H15cm x W15cm x D7.5cm / H6" x W6" x D3" (approx.)


The GLOW Window Bird Feeder is sure to be a hit with both Birds and Bird Lovers alike

A simple yet effective way to watch wild birds feeding from the comfort of your own home and garden, without disturbing them, the GLOW Window Bird Feeder is designed to attract wild birds to your garden and provide a safe space for them to feed. Made from a strong weather resistant acrylic, the sheltered design of this glass mounted feeding station not only protects the feed from the elements, but also lets your feathered friends shelter, perch and feed in relative safety and comfort.

The GLOW Window Bird Feeder comes with everything you need to create a beautiful bird feeding area in your home garden, with only the minimal of home assembly required. All fittings, and a full set of instructions are included to ensure that you are set up and ready to enjoy your bird feeder in no time at all. The compact unobtrusive window feeder measures 15cm x 15cm and can safely accommodate a range the countries most popular small wild birds; from the Robin, Blue Tit and Sparrow to Starling, Goldfinch and Blackbirds. Different birds prefer different kinds of feed, and the GLOW Window Bird Feeder comes with a handy bird spotting chart so you can tick off which of our feather friends have come to pay you a visit.

It is now recognised that feeding wild birds all year round is a main factor in the survival of many native birds, especially during the fledgling, nesting and breeding periods. and the GLOW Window Bird Feeder is at hand and ready to stand up to whatever the great British weather can throw at it.

DIMENSIONS - H15cm x W15cm x D7.5cm / H6" x W6" x D3" (approx.)