Who's Who Game

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  • Traditional Board Game from GLOW – Hours of Fun for Family and Friends
  • Try to Deduce the Identity of your Opponent's Mystery Person by Asking Yes/No Questions
  • Set Includes Freestanding Game Board, Detachable Covers and Character Face Sheets
  • Dimensions - W26cm x H16cm x D6cm / W10” x H6” x D2” (approx.)
  • Suitable for Ages 4 and Up – For 2 to 4 Players


Who's Who? Game is the flip n' find face guessing game from GLOW you know and love.

You and your friends can set up and start playing this classic game from GLOW in just seconds. It's the original guessing game where players take turns asking a yes or no question as they try to identity their opponent's mystery character. Does the mystery character wear glasses? If the answer is no, flip the doors closed for all characters with glasses. You're now a little closer to knowing the identity. Think about your questions carefully. One clever question can reveal the answer you're looking for. Each player can ask one question per turn. When you think you know who the mystery character is, take a guess. If you're right, you win! But if you're wrong, you lose the game. It's all or nothing!

The GLOW Traditional Who's Who Game includes everything that you need to play this timeless family favourite. Each set comes with a freestanding game board, character sheets and 48 detachable covers (24 on each side). Suitable for both Adults and Kids, this classic game can be set up and ready to play in Seconds and delivers back and forth action where 2 players (or 2 teams) face off to see who can guess their opponents mystery character first

Can you Guess Who's Who??

Dimensions - W26cm x H16cm x D6cm / W10" x H6" x D2" (approx.)
Suitable for Ages 4 and Up
For 2 to 4 Players

Quick and Easy Home Assembly Required - Instruction Included

Batteries Not Required