Wall Mounted 2 in 1 16oz Can Crusher and Bottle Opener

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  • Crushes Empty Aluminium Cans down to 20% of their Original Size
  • Rubber grip handle to ensure swift comfortable use every time
  • Heavy Duty Steel designed to Crush Cans up to 500ml effortlessly
  • Quickly and Easily Mounted to any Wall with the Supplied Fittings
  • Dimensions - H25cm x W10cm x D8cm / H10" x W4" x D3" (approx.)


When your recycling bin is full to bursting, and collection day is still a long way off, there’s only one thing to do… get crushing! But forget the old heavy-boot stomping method. Equip your kitchen with the Wall Mounted Can Crusher from GLOW, and you can crush cans and plastic bottles with an easy lever action. It’s the perfect way to make this tedious job faster, and a whole lot more fun. Your recycling bin will get a bit of breathing room too. This can squasher reduces the size of your aluminium cans and plastic drinks bottles by up to 80%, which helps you to free up some much-needed space in your recycling pile.

A great gadget to have in any kitchen, the GLOW Wall Mounted Can Crusher is quick, simple and safe to operate and also features a handy bottle opener on the bottom. This heavy duty tin can crusher is constructed of coated steel, making it long lasting and durable, and features a long soft grip handle to ensure swift comfortable and safe use every time. This Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Can Crusher from GLOW is quickly and easily mounted to any wall in your home securely with the supplied fittings.

The Wall Mounted Can Crusher from GLOW effortlessly crushes aluminium cans up to 16oz / 500ml, making it perfect for drinking cans such as Coke or Pepsi, and the larger size means that it can also tackle most types of Beer Cans with ease. Simply place your empty can on the crusher shelf and pull down the soft grip handle and the jobs done. This fantastic tool will help you easily recycle without taking up too much room, cans for recycling occupy only a fraction of the room they otherwise would, reducing the cans to just 20% of their original size.

Dimensions - H25cm x W10cm x D8cm / H10" x W4" x D3" (approx.)