Unisex Gardening Gloves

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  • Avoid Cuts and Scratches Working in the Garden with the Unisex Gardening Gloves from GLOW
  • Comfortable Unisex Working Gloves with Firm Rubber Grips on Palms and Fingers
  • Tough and Durable but Lightweight Breathable Material with Elasticated Wrists
  • Ideal for Gardening and Weeding, but also Machinery, DIY and Construction
  • Dimensions – L26cm x W15cm x D1.5cm / L10” x W6” x D1” (approx.)


Avoid Cuts and Scratches Working in the Garden with the Unisex Gardening Gloves from GLOW

These garden gloves from GLOW make a perfect companion when handling thorny bushes, tough soil and difficult plants. Well-crafted and comfortable, this stylish pair of gloves will protect busy hands when cutting, pruning and working in the garden. The gloves' tight but never constricting fit is the biggest highlight about these gardening gloves from GLOW, giving you maximum flexibility and comfort while leaving you with the ability to effectively use any gardening or work tools, as well as tasks that require more precision such as taking a call on your phone, writing notes with a pen etc.

Thanks to the gloves' sturdy, durable material, you can avoid cuts and scratches and keep your hands from getting dirty while doing gardening and household chores. Enjoy maximum control over all of your tools with the non-slip rubber grips giving you extra gripping power. No more using thick and clumsy gloves that don't give you enough grip on smaller tools. These Gardening Gloves from GLOW use lightweight, breathable fabric to absorb perspiration while you're hard at work in the garden. The state of the art material keeps your hands cool during hot days gardening in the summer and keeps them warm when you have to battle the elements during the winter.

The Gardening Gloves from GLOW are not only useful around the Garden, but thanks to its lightweight and flexible design and impressive non-slip grip, can also be used for a range of other activities such as DIY and Construction, Operating Machinery, Arts and Crafts, Warehouse Work, Fishing and Heavy Lifting.

The Gardening Gloves from GLOW are ready for any job at hand

Dimensions - L26cm x W15cm x D1.5cm / L10" x W6" x D1" (approx.)
Unisex - Suitable for Men and Women
One Size