Set of 2 wheel Snow Gripper

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  • Never Get Stuck in the Snow Again with the Heavy Duty Wheel Snow Grippers from GLOW.
  • Ideal for adding traction when vehicle is stuck in Snow, Ice Mud or Sandy conditions.
  • Clever and Convenient Tool with Heavy Duty Durable Construction
  • Quick and Easy to Use with Carry Handle and Storage Bag
  • Dimensions – L63cm x W20cm / W25” x W8 (approx)


Getting stuck in snow is annoying at best. And in addition to being inconvenient and uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous. If you're stuck along a busy roadway, you and your car are at risk of being hit by other vehicles, and if you're not dressed for the weather, the exposure to the elements risks hypothermia. Forget shovelling, towing, or calling for help! Just place the Heavy Duty Wheel Snow Gripper Traction Mats from GLOW under your car's drive wheels and off you go.

The Compact and Portable Traction Mat from GLOW fits easily in the boot of your car and is supplied with a storage bag to keep your boot clean after use, ready to go when you are. Made from a Strong and Durable Polypropylene Plastic with a Deep Redged Design for Maximum tyre grip, Traction Mat from GLOW gives you a solid, stable, virtually indestructible traction mat that will work on almost any vehicle that is stuck in snow, sand, or mud. Stick one under each tire, or form a chain under one drive wheel. No towing or pushing. Works with front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles, large and small.

Never Get Stuck in the Snow Again with the Heavy Duty Wheel Snow Grippers from GLOW.

Dimensions - L63cm x W20cm / W25" x W8 (approx.)

Maximum Weight Capacity - 3.5 tonnes.

Suitable for Cars and Small Vans