Set of 2 Crab Drop Nets with Spring Loaded Bait Holder

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  • GLOW Crab Drop Nets are Great Holiday Fun for Kids and Big Kids Alike
  • Simply place some bacon in the net and wait for the Crabs to come for the bait!
  • Features Spring Clip in the Base to Secure the Bait
  • Each Net has 11m of Brightly Coloured Secure Rot-Proof Rope Line (Colours Vary)
  • DIMENSIONS - W30cm x H25cm / W12" x H10" (approx)


The GLOW Crab Drop Nets are great holiday fun for both kids and big kids alike. Supplied in a Set of 2, each 30cm weighted net features 11m of strong rot-proof rope line and a spring loaded bait clip to secure your bait to the bottom of the net. Ideal for jetties, harbour walls, deeper rock pools and piers, an excellent little net, that is so simple to use, making it suitable not just for children but also for older fishermen.

The GLOW Crab Drop Nets are easy to use. Simply place a piece of raw meat in the clip at the bottom of the net, let your line drop right to the bottom where the crabs live. Wrap a little line loosely around your finger and wait until you feel the crabs pulling. Wait a little while until the crab has a firm hold and then bring the line up steadily and smoothly. Not so fast that the crab senses you pulling, and not so slow that he's eaten up the bait and dropped off. Crabs like bait such as bacon, chicken, fish and the like. You don't need the good bits - use the bits that you throw away in a big soggy mess. Crabs are not that fussy when it comes to raw meat, but do love bacon, So much so that they don't want to let go - great for landing your crabs but not so great when you want it back. Take care when removing crabs from The GLOW Crab Drop Nets, those pincers can give a nasty nip and they don't like to let go