Roll Up Magnetic Dartbard Game

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  • Roll-Up Reversible Dart Board with 6 Magnetic Darts
  • Traditional Dart Board on One Side and a Bullseye Game on the Other
  • Hangs Up Quickly and Rolls Up for Convenient Storage
  • Safe to Play with No Sharp Pins - Only Magnets
  • DIMENSIONS (Board) - W32cm x H42cm / W13" x H17" (approx)


This Roll Up Dart Game is a safe and easy way to perfect your darting skills. This magnetic dartboard can be enjoyed by all the family, unlike the traditional game played with dangerously sharp darts, often in an over 18s venue. No one wants their carefully laid wallpaper pock-marked by badly aimed darts. Not to mention the eyesore a dartboard would create in your newly decorated front room, nor indeed the very real threat of physical harm that an errant dart poses. The Roll Up Dart Game solves this issue with ease. You don't have to worry about your walls, doors or children with our magnetic dart board, there won't be miniature spears piercing through the air in what can only be described as a war zone because the darts supplied with The Roll Up Dart Game are magnetic and 100% child (and wall) safe.

The Roll Up Dart Game is the solution for any darts enthusiast who wants to be able to play at home, but is perhaps not quite ready for a real dart board. Our magnetic dart board is great for kids and children so that they can practise the sport without becoming pin cushions themselves. The Roll Up Dart Game features a traditional dart board on one side, and a bullseye target game on the other and is comes complete with 6 powerful magnetic darts (three yellow and three red) so there's enough room for 2 or 3 children to play at once. Being compact, lightweight and portable, The Roll Up Dart Game can easily be moved around so that the kids can take it in turns to determine in which child's room this addictive magnet dart game can live.

Please Note:
Only use with the darts provided.
Do not aim darts at eyes or face, or people, pets or animals.
Board must be fixed to the wall by an adult.
Recommended for ages 5+.
Not suitable for children under 36 month