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  • Entertain and Let Your Friends & Family Enjoy their Favourite Drinks in Style with this Modern and Sleek Metal Reusable Drinking Straw from GLOW
  • Stylish Design looks Perfect in a Glass Tumbler, Flute or Tall Highball Glass and is Ideal for Drinking Smoothies Juice Cocktail Milkshakes Whether at Home for those Family Dinner Parties, or at your Restaurant or Café for that Special Wedding or Catering Event
  • Made from Durable Edelstahl Stainless Steel with a Chrome finish which is Easy to Clean & Shine, these Straws are Eco Friendly, BPA free, Plastic Free, Have no Metal Aftertaste, No Oxidation and are Dishwasher Safe. One Set of GLOW Straws can be Used for Years to Come.
  • Each Pack of GLOW Straws Comes with a Free Cleaning Brush to Keep your Straws Clean and Looking as Stylish as the Day you Buy them.
  • Dimensions (Single Packaged) - H29cm x W10cm x D1cm (Approx.) Weight – 60g Dimensions (Each Straw) – L 21.5cm x 0.6cm (Approx.)


Sip your drink in style with the stylish, reusable drinking straw from GLOW. The latest trend in barware & party supplies doesn't just look good, it also helps climate change. These Stainless Steel straws will not only enhance the look of your dinner party, but they also make sure you are doing your part to help the environment by replacing your plastic straws. Made from durable Edelstahl Stainless Steel with a chrome finish, these straws are ideal for a range of tall glasses whether you are drinking smoothies, juices, cocktails, milkshakes, iced tea or just need something to help you sip your water. The GLOW metal straws are also more beneficial than plastic, bamboo or glass straws as in comparison to bamboo and glass straws, our stainless steel versions are significantly more durable, and safer as well. And, in case you didn't know, stainless steel is also rust-proof. You won't have to worry about your reusable straws rusting or breaking after only a few uses!

Our GLOW Stainless Steel Straws have a number of benefits

  • Safety & Ease of Use - Wont smash like glass or break like bamboo and BPA & plastic free, so no health problems
  • Easy to Clean - come with a cleaning brush, are dishwasher safe & easy to rinse in the sink
  • Uniqueness & Elegance - unique stainless steel straws with shiny appearance gives a sense of elegance
  • Ease of Portability - easily packed & carried around with no threat of breakage
  • Reusable - The GLOW Stainless steel straws can last years if you kept clean & Maintained
  • Eco-Friendliness - By using the same reusable straw for a long time, there won't be the risk of plastic pollution
  • Less Overall Cost - Plastic straws; Use, Bin, Repeat . Metal straws; Use, Wash, Repeat.