Rapid Inflate 11” Hand Pump

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  • Works on Both Up and Down Stroke for Rapid Inflation and Deflation
  • Quickly and Easily Switches between Inflate and Deflate
  • Includes 3 Universal Adaptors to Fit Almost Any Inflation Valve
  • Suitable for Air Beds, Swimming/Paddling Pools, Dinghies, Toys and Other Inflatables
  • Dimensions - H37cm x W20cm x D12cm / H14.5" x W8" x D5" (approx.)


The Double Quick 11" Air Hammer is a simple and easy-to-use tool for all of your inflatable products. With 3 valve adapters, it fits nearly every inflation valve; simply insert the valve, put your feet on the supports and move the lever up and down! Hey look, you even get a little workout! With heavy-duty construction and a flexible hose, this is a pump that will stand the test of time. You'll love it because it doesn't just work on the up stroke but on the down stroke too - saving you half the work! This pump not only puts air in but also draws air out of your inflatable, easily switching between inflate mode and deflate mode. This saves you lots of time (we've all been there) rolling around on the bed and folding it up trying to get the air out!

Airflow Volume - 2 x 860cc

Inflates/Deflates on Both Up and Down Stroke
Easily Switches from Inflation to Deflation
Flexible Hose
Includes 3 Universal Adaptors
Heavy Duty Construction

Dimensions - H37cm x W20cm x D12cm / H14.5" x W8" x D5" (approx.)