Professional Non Slip A3 Cutting Mat

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  • Protect your Working Surface with this Great Quality Cutting Mat from GLOW
  • Special Non-Slip Surface for Cutting Paper, Card and Other Materials
  • Ideal for Use with Craft Knives or Scalpels and Helps Preserve the Sharpness of Blades
  • Marking Guide Grid Lines for Straight and Accurate Measuring and Cutting
  • Dimensions (A3) - L45cm x W30cm / L18" x W12" (approx.)


Create your crafts anywhere with this durable and flexible Cutting Mat from GLOW

Hobbies and crafts can be a messy business and sometimes, that mess can be unexpectedly permanent! Avoid it altogether with this excellent cutting mat from GLOW. An essential must-have item for anyone with a love for arts and crafts, for model enthusiasts, haberdashers, paper crafters, clay artisans, textile artists and more, this cutting mat is ideal for protecting your surfaces from the wear-and-tear of crafty goodness.

The special anti-glare non-slip surface is ideal for cutting paper, card, and other materials while protecting your desk or table from accidental and very permanent damage. The surface also features clear guide markings for straight cutting and accurate measuring. The high-density material will also prevent blades from slipping, providing a better cut and decreasing the likeliness of injury.

Create your crafts anywhere with this durable and flexible Cutting Mat!

Dimensions (A3 Option) - L45cm x W30cm / L18" x W12" (approx.)
Dimensions (A4 Option) - L30cm x W22cm / L12" x W9" (approx.)
Dimensions (A5 Option) - L25cm x W20cm / L10" x W8" (approx.)