Plastic French Boules Garden Game

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  • Bright and Colourful Set of 8 Plastic Water Filled Boules with Jack
  • The Classic French Outdoor Game – Hours of Fun for both Adults and Children.
  • Set is complete with Sturdy Moulded Carry Case with Handle for Easy Transport
  • Dimensions (Each Boule) – W7.5m x H7.5cm / W3” x H3” (approx.)
  • Suitable for Ages 3 and up


Have fun outdoors with your kids this summer! This bright colourful French Boules Garden Game comes in a handy moulded carry case with a handle so you can take it with you on summer picnics or days out in the park. Liven up an afternoon in the garden, and have a go at this classic and popular French outdoor game that is suitable for both adults and children.

The aim of the game is throw your boules towards the white Jack, knocking opponents out of the way, the winner is the person who ends up with the boule closest to the jack!! The hardy plastic carry case contains 8 water-filled durable plastic boules (2 of each colour red blue yellow and green) and a small white jack. If you want to take the game really seriously then you will need to take your own measuring tape with you otherwise just enjoy this great outdoor game. All Our Garden Games Are Made From Good Quality Materials And Should Last For Many Summers To Come.

Dimensions (Each Boule) - W7.5m x H7.5cm / W3" x H3" (approx.)

Suitable for Ages 3 and up