Pet Dirt Picker

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  • An Easy, Clean and Hygienic Way of Picking Up your Pets Waste
  • Extra Long Reach Waste Scooper with Trigger Handle for Easy Operation
  • Great for Use with Doggie Bags, Ensuring your Hands Never Get Dirty
  • Strong and Durable, yet Lightweight t Construction is Suitable for All Users
  • Dimensions – L74.5cm x W18.5cm x D18.5cm / L29” x W7” x D7” (approx.)


Clear pet mess from your garden quickly and easily with the GLOW Pet Dirt Picker.

Designed to cut out unnecessary bending, this lightweight and durable grabber features large jaws and scoop for easy, fuss-free operation. The extra long reach measures 74.5cm, meaning that you will be able to collect your pets waste without having to bend down, making this great for those with mobility issues, or with back or hip problems. The GLOW Pet Dirt Picker is easy to use with the two Jaws being operated one handed, simply by squeezing the trigger style handle.

The revolutionary tool is an excellent waste disposal system and is best when used with a doggie waste bag, which when used over the jaws of the grabber, mean that you will never need to get your hands anywhere near your pets waste. It can even be kept inside the jaws until you come across a bin, no more walking around with waste in your hand or pocket while you find nearest bin.

Dimensions - L74.5cm x W18.5cm x D18.5cm / L29" x W7" x D7" (approx.)