Pack of 8 Pesticide Free Fly Paper

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  • GLOW Fly Paper is an Inexpensive and Efficient Pest Control Solution
  • Ideal for use around the Home, Kitchen, Office, Conservatories, Sheds and Patio.
  • Clean and Safe with No Baiting, No Poisons, No Vapours and No Mess
  • Easy to Use - Simply Pull Out and Hang for Almost Immediate Results
  • Dimensions (per rolled tube) - L50mm x W20mm x D20mm (approx.)


The Pesticide Free Fly Paper Set from GLOW is an inexpensive and efficient pest control solution for around your home, office, conservatory, shed, patio or almost any indoor environment. This Clean and Easy defence against household pests contains rolled tubes of sticky paper which attract flies over time, which then remain stuck to the paper. The GLOW Fly Paper Set is completely safe to use around your home with no baiting, no poisons, no harmful vapours, no toxic materials, no mess, and more importantly, no pests.

Using the GLOW Fly Paper is quick and easy; simply a case of bringing the paper to room temperature, removing from the outer tube and hanging the paper in the desired problem area. After use, used fly papers can be wrapped in paper and disposed of in normal household waste.

Dimensions (per rolled tube) - L50mm x W20mm x D20mm (approx.)

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