Pack of 2 Cotton Cheese Cloth

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  • Versatile Cotton Cheese Cloth has Various Uses around your Home & Kitchen and is Ideal for Straining, Filtering, Cooking, Baking, Basting, Roasting, Stuffing or even Arts & Crafts
  • Unbleached 100% Cotton Cloth is Perfect to Make Cheese and Great for Filtering Tea or Coffee, Removing Curds from Yoghurt, Straining Soups & Stocks, Removing Seeds from Jams & Jellies.
  • Use the Cheese Cloth for Basting & Roasting to Keep your Chicken or Turkey Moist and also an Excellent way to Dust off your Dessert with Sugar or Cocoa to Create a Sweet Masterpiece
  • Add this Glow Cheesecloth to your Arts & Crafts Supplies and Make Awesome Holiday Decorations. This Fabric can be Dyed or Coloured for DIY Christmas, Easter, Halloween & Other Decorations
  • Dimensions (Single Cloth Open ) – H180 x W90cm (approx.) Weight 50g


Create your culinary masterpiece with the Glow Premium Cotton Cheese Cloth. Traditionally used in cheese making to separate curds from whey, the Glow Cheese Cloth is a multipurpose tool in both the kitchen & around the house. The Glow Cheese Cloth is a lightweight, open-weave cotton fabric with unique characteristics which make it a go-to item in today's kitchen. Whether you are a budding MasterChef or home cook extraordinaire, you will soon appreciate the versatility and usefulness of the Glow Cheese Cloth. Of course your Glow Cheese cloth can be used to make cheese, but this versatile tool can also be used for a variety of other uses both in the kitchen & around the rest of the house.

Roasting/Basting - With the festive season almost upon us your basting & roasting will need to be spot on. Nothing is more delicious than having a nice slice of moist chicken or turkey breast. A good trick to keep the breast moist is to wrap it in the Glow Cheese Cloth that has been drenched in a mix of olive oil, herbs and butter.

Filtering/Straining - When it comes to straining, we generally rely on a colander, but sometimes recipes call for a finer sieve. That's where the Glow Cheese Cloth comes in. Layer it over your normal strainer and filter your ingredients through. The Glow Cheese Cloth is a must for making homemade stock & soup to remove those solids - but it's also great for filtering coffee, removing curds from yoghurt, thickening yoghurt for recipes such as tzatziki sauce, dusting your desserts with powder and removing seeds from jams and jellies, too.

Other Uses: Create little pouches of herbs, spices & other aromatics to add flavour/ Also a handy way to prevent seeds from escaping into food when juiced / Use for the kids art & craft day to create holiday decorations / Cover food to keep away any bugs & insects / Use as a temporary bandage / Stain furniture / Ideal for cleaning & polishing brass, silver & old metals.