Optical Smoke Alarm

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  • Working Alarms Save Lives So Make your Home a Safe Home with the EN 14604 Certified Optical Smoke & Fire Alarm From GLOW
  • This Smoke Alarm Responds to Hazardous Smoke Quickly and When Triggered, the Fire Alarm Instantly Alerts you Via an 85 dB Loud Alarm and a Rapid Flashing LED Indicator, Giving you Extra Time to Control any Fire, Smoke or Smouldering
  • The Optical Smoke Alarm Features a Loud 85db Alarm, a Flashing Red Alarm Indicator, has a Low Battery Warning & Works on 1 X 9v Battery which is Included & Can be Replaced
  • The Reliable GLOW Smoke Alarm Allows you to Sleep with Peace of Mind and is Easy to Install with all Fittings Included
  • Dimensions (Single Unit) – L 10cm x W10cm x D3cm (approx.) Weight: 180g

The Glow optical smoke & fire alarm is the perfect device to turn your home & office into a safe home & office. The reliable and easy to install alarm is the perfect way to keep your family and belongings safe, and is the ideal way to protect your Home at night, when you are at Work or when you are on Holiday. The Optical Smoke Alarm Features a Loud 85db Alarm, which is designed to wake you if you are asleep; a Flashing Red Alarm Indicator; has a Low Battery Warning to make sure your alarm is always actively working & works on 1 X 9v battery which is included & can be easily replaced. If the fire detector malfunctions, or if the battery is low, you will be notified immediately so that you can identify and resolve the issue without compromising your home or families security; if non-emergency smoke (e.g. cooking/smoking fumes) causes nuisance alerts, you can easily silence the alarm by pressing the test/silence button. Sleep peacefully knowing that your home is protected with a fire detector which provides reliable and 24/7 uninterrupted protection. This Smoke Alarm is reliable, convenient and a must have device to make your home a safe home.

Working Voltage:9V DC Alkaline, Lithium, C-Zn
Alarm Current: 20mA
Alarm Sound Level: 85 Decibels at 3 Metres

Visual Alarm Indication: LED Red
Low Voltage Threshold: 7.3V
Operating Temparature: -10C - 40C
Operating Humidity: 95% RH (Relative Humidity)
Full Installation and Operation Instructions Enclosed
Recommended Batteries: Pairdeer 6F22/Pairdeer 6LR61/Mustang 6LR61
Supplied with Wall Plugs and Screws
Buying and fitting smoke alarms, and ensuring they are carefully and properly maintained, could give you those precious few extra minutes in which to make your escape safely