Multi-Purpose 10W Mini Glue Gun

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  • The GLOW Multi-Purpose Glue Gun is an Essential for any Crafters Toolbox
  • Features Accurate Anti-Drip Nozzle, Ideal for Intricate Work
  • Ideal for Metal, Plastic, Fabric, Wood, Ribbon, Paper and Card
  • Simple to Use with Fast and Easy Trigger Feed Application
  • Dimensions (Mini) - L11cm x W3cm x H12cm / L4.5" x W1.5" x H4.5" (approx.)


A sure set for any crafters toolbox, this Multi-Purpose Glue Gun from GLOW operates at high temperatures from mains electricity supply for a stronger, more robust glue bond. The small size is ideal for working on smaller projects as well as larger projects and you can easily take your indispensable tool on your travels with you! From scrapbooking to card making and home decoration designs to handmade accessories, this inexpensive tool will soon become an essential supply to all your crafty makes.

Simply load the glue gun with one of the two 11 mm glue sticks included, plug into an electric socket and turn the power on to begin heating your glue gun. After around five minutes, your new tool will be ready to use! Double check by gently squeezing the trigger on the gun to see if the hot glue starts to flow from the nozzle, if this doesn't happen allow more time for the gun to heat up.

Ensure you have a clever companion by your side to lend a helping hand with all future projects with this delightful glue gun!

Every craft box should have one!

Dimensions (Mini 10W Option) - L11cm x W3cm x H12cm / L4.5" x W1.5" x H4.5" (approx.)
Dimensions (Midi 40W Option) - L16cm x W4cm x H15cm / L6" x W1.5" x H6" (approx.)

40W Midi Specifications 
Voltage AC 240V-50Hz
Power 40W 
Glue Stick Diameter 11.2mm 
Cable 0.9m 
Supplied with UK 3 Pin Plug

10W Mini Specifications 
Voltage AC 240V-50Hz
Power 10W 
Glue Stick Diameter 7.2mm 
Cable 0.9m 
Supplied with UK 3 Pin Plug

Manufactured by Dekton Industries