Magnetic Learner (L) and New Driver (P) Car Plates

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  • Pass Your Test First Time & Stay Safe with This Pack of 4 L & P Plates from Glow for Learner and New Drivers
  • Bright & Colourful Plates are Waterproof, Easy to Wipe Clean, Easy to See and Easy to Attach with a Strong Double Magnet on the Rear of Each Plate
  • Plates Attach on to the Front & Rear of your Car or Motorcycle to Make Sure Legal Requirements are Met When Learning to Drive and are Easily Removed when not in use
  • An Ideal Pack for any New Learner Driver with 2 Red L Plates for Learning and 2 Green P Plates for use after Passing your Test
  • Dimensions (Each Plate) – H18cm x W18cm x D1cm approx. Weight 80g


The Glow Learner L and P Plates are the perfect aid to have for any new driver embarking on their quest to pass their test or for those who have passed with flying colours. Whether you are taking the test for your car, motorbike or scooter these plates will help to keep you and those around you safe. Any vehicle driven by a learner must display red L plates and you can receive up to six points (and/or a fine) on your licence for failing to do so, so it's incredibly important to make sure they're on! Your L plates should be easily visible to other road users on both the front and rear of your vehicle. As such, if you're a learner, your car should have two L plates at all times. This Pack from Glow is ideal as it comes with a set of two - one for the rear and one for the front - so you'll have no problems in keeping safe. When you've recently passed your driving test, it's common to display green P plates on your car. These help to signify that you're a new driver. These 'Probationary' plates lets those around you know to be patient with you. These Plates from Glow are Bright, Colourful and are Waterproof, Easy to Wipe Clean, Easy to See and Easy to Attach with a Strong Double Magnet on the Rear of Each Plate. The Glow L & P plates are reliable, convenient and a must have for new learner drivers and those who have just passed.

To use; simply find a relatively flat spot on your car or bike and attach with the magnets. Magnetic strip allows them to be easily removed
These Plates are to be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle

Note: Always remember to remove L plates when not in use