Magic Door Mesh Insect Screen

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  • Magic Door Mesh Insect Screen Allows Fresh Air in but Keeps Bugs Out!
  • Easy Handsfree and Pet Friendly Walk Through with Automatic Magnetic Closing
  • Quick and Easy to Install and Remove - No Drilling or Screwing Required
  • Universal Size Fits Almost Any Size of Doorway
  • Dimensions - H240cm x W120cm (2x60cm) / H92" x W47" (approx.)


Magic Door Mesh Insect Screen is the perfect way to let fresh, cool air in but keep bugs, insects and mosquitoes out.

When the weather is hot you really want as much fresh air as possible. Whether you're at home or on holiday, you want to allow air to circulate, cooling you and your family, without the hassle of flying insects or the worry of leaving doorways open. Our Magic Door Mesh Insect Screen is the perfect solution. The mesh fabric construction allows air to circulate but keeps bugs, flying insects, mosquitoes and other airborne nasties out where they belong. But, unlike ordinary rigid screen doors, the Magic Door Mesh Insect Screen is self-closing!

The clever hem, lined with magnets along the facing edges of the opening, can be pushed open easily, so if you're carrying a tray, or holding some drinks, you don't need a free hand, you can just slip through as though the screen wasn't there. Best of all, you don't have to close it behind you either, because the perfectly-weighted magnets automatically close the screen behind you!

The Magic Door Mesh Insect Screen is so easy to fit, with no need for screws, nails or any tools, and made of such a lightweight mesh fabric, that it can be folded up and taken away with you on holiday, or fitted to a caravan door. Keep one at home so you can allow pets to come and go as they please without leaving the door open to bugs and flies, or having to get up every time they want to go out - The Magic Door Mesh Insect Screen will always open for them and close again behind them, it's the best of both worlds!

A Magic Door Mesh Insect Screen is the perfect way, to let the outdoors in but keep bugs at bay!