Luxury Hot Water Bottle with Faux Fur Cover

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  • Stylish & Luxurious Hot Water Bottle Perfect for Cold Winter Nights to give you a Cosy Sleep
  • 2 Litre Bottle Comes with Soft Cream Cover for a Comfy, Warm Bed through the Night
  • Can Provide Therapeutic Pain Relief from Arthritis, Tension, Cramps, Back, Neck and Joint Pains
  • Helps Sooth the Body from Day-to-Day Aches and Minor Ailments
  • Dimensions - L34CM x W22CM x D5CM (approx.)


The Glow luxury 2 litre hot water bottle is perfect for the cold & wintry weather to keep you warm & cosy through the night. Coming with a plush & soft faux fur cover you'll want to curl up next to bottle and forget about the cold outside. The warmth & softness of the bottle is also ideal for therapeutic pain relief. Whether you have joint or muscle pains, or whether its cramps or a sports injury, the Glow bottle will help sooth your body and provide you with welcome relief. The Glow hot water bottle is also ideal to take with you on your camping or caravan trip to heat up that cold sleeping bag, tent or caravan through the night. All you have to do is slowly fill the bottle with hot water, making sure it's not boiling, to two thirds capacity, expel any extra air, screw on the top and you're ready to make sure your night in is as comfortable and toasty as can be

2 Litre hot water bottle made from natural rubber comes in a soft cream faux fur cover with baubles

WARNING: Hot water Bottles can Cause Burns. Do Not Use Boiling Water
Avoid prolonged direct contact with skin
Do not fill water from domestic hot water system as this can prematurely degrade the product
Hot water bottles are not suitable for infants or persons insensitive to heat
The hot water bottle conforms to BS 1970:2012

Dimensions - L34CM x W22CM x D5CM (approx.)