Long Dress and Suit Cover

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  • Protect your Clothes & Dresses from Moths & Dust with this Navy Blue Long Dress & Suit Cover from GLOW
  • This Stylish, Lightweight & Breathable Clothes Carrier is Ideal for Storing Garments at Home or Protecting them when Travelling
  • The Cover Features a Full Length Zip for Easy Packing; A clear, Transparent Window to Easily Identify what is Stored in each Case; Top Hole for Fitting a Hanger: Easy Wipe Clean Material
  • Made from a Durable 100% Non-Woven Polypropylene Material which Allows Air to Circulate & Garments to Breathe as they Should Preventing Damp or Mould
  • Dimensions (Single Piece Open) – H137cm x W61cm (H54” x W24”) Approx. Weight – 190g


Keep your fancy clothes looking neat, tidy and looking sharp with this long dress & suit cover from GLOW. This cover is all you need whether you are at home or on the move to make sure your clothes and dresses are protected from dust, dirt and moths all year round. The cover features a full length zip for easy packing and a clear & transparent window to easily identify what is stored in each case so you can find just the right costume for the right occasion in good time. Made from a Durable 100% Non-Woven Polypropylene material which allows air to circulate & garments to breathe which prevents damp or mould coming on to any of your clothes. The material is also easily wiped clean in the event of any mishaps and will provide long term protection for those sentimental costumes you are keeping long term in your wardrobe. Perfect to protect those precious dresses & gowns, the cover is also ideal for a range of other clothing such as coats, shirts, trousers, jackets, cardigans, saris and traditional kamees or kurta. Perfectly portable, great for travelling and home use, this cover is ideally sized for easy storage and will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.