Kids Clothes Hangers

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  • Brighten up your Kids Wardrobe with this Pack of Bright and Colourful Multicoloured Kids Plastic Clothes Hangers from Glow
  • Comes in Assorted Colours for Easy Organisation and Features Trouser Bar & 2 Hooks on Bottom for Additional Storage
  • Combined Trouser Hanger, Skirt hanger and Shirt Hanger in one for Kids with Plenty of Clothes but Little Space
  • Features Strong Child-Safe Plastic which is Flexible to Minimise Risk of Breaking
  • Dimensions – W29cm x H18cm / W12” x H7” (approx.)


Who needs full-sized hangers when you're not full-sized yet? Our children's hangers will keep clothes wrinkle-free and make them easier to put away. Learning to keep your own things tidy isn't easy. Clothes will probably end up on the floor for a few years, but our Colourful Kids Hangers placed at a child-friendly height can help your kids get into the habit.

These Kids Hangers are an ideal way to makeover your kid’s wardrobe and look after their clothes for little cost. With wide arms, trouser bar, and trouser bar hooks, these plastic hangers are perfect for keeping the shape of all types of clothing. These Long Lasting and Child Safe Hangers are made from a soft and flexible plastic to minimise the risk of breaking but remain strong and durable for holding heavier items of clothing. Each Hanger features a fixed hook and trouser bar and also includes two hook at the bottom for hanging everything from Heavy Jeans to light shirts and dresses.

Available in an Assortment of Colours and Pack Sizes

Please note that Random Colours will be sent with your order