Indoor Fireworks Bonanza

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  • Light up Any Room with the Pack of 50 Indoor Fireworks Bonanza from GLOW
  • Fun Pack of 50 Low Hazard Indoor Pyrotechnics Turn any Dark Room into a Colourful Display
  • Great for Parties, Bonfire Night, Birthdays, Weddings, Halloween, New Year and Christmas.
  • Contains 19 Fireworks with 6 Different Effects, Plus 6 x Sparklers and 25 x Fun Snaps
  • Safe for Indoor Use - Recommended for Ages 16 and Up


Take a nostalgic trip back to your childhood with retro indoor fireworks that are fantastic for adding some sparkle to your party. Light them up, stand back and let your children enjoy the sparkling effects that set off your childhood parties. A pack of 50 indoor fireworks and novelties that'll help your party go with a bang! Now with 9 new and improved effects.

4 x Snakes Alive
4 x Blazing Bengals
3 x Sizzling Strobes
3 x Disco Inferno
3 x Flash Harry
2 x Ice Fountains
6 x Sparklers
25 x Fun Snaps

These fantastic indoor fireworks are absolutely perfect for adding extra excitement to parties and celebrations.

This product can produce some smoke
We recommend using in a well-ventilated room

Recommended for Ages 16 and Up.