Giant Jigsaw Wasgij Puzzle Roll up Mat for up to 3000pc

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  • Perfect Jigsaw and Wasgij Puzzle Storage Mat for Home or Travel
  • Start your Puzzle on the Roll Mat, then Simply Roll & Store when you Stop
  • Keep your Puzzles Intact at Home or on Holiday with Secure and Easy Storage
  • Includes Easy to Assemble Telescoping Roll-up Tube
  • Dimensions (unrolled) - L122CM x W91.5CM (approx.)


Start and End your Jigsaw Puzzles on the Glow Giant Puzzle Roll-up Mat. Whether it's a Jigsaw, a Wasgij or any other Puzzle, you can start and be safe in the knowledge that if you need a break you can just simply Roll it up, Store it, and Start again where you left off at your convenience. Perfect for Puzzles up to 3000 Pieces, it comes with a Versatile 3 section Roll-Up that assembles in seconds into a strong 36'' Tube. Start your puzzle on the Felt Mat, then simply Roll and Store when you Stop. When you come back it's just a case of unrolling and Voila, the puzzle will appear as you left it. Great for kids and adults alike as it means no more mess or pieces lying around all day. When the time comes for a break, roll and easily store till you're ready to go again

Roll up Mat comes in Purple Felt and includes: one Easy to Assemble Telescoping Roll-Up Tube: 3 Straps for Secure and Easy Storage.
Dimensions (Open) - L122CM x W91.5CM (approx.)
Supervision recommended for Children Under 3 Years of Age