Automatic 24 Hour Timer Switch

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  • Reliable 24 Hour Programmable Timer to Turn On & Off Electronic Devices at Specific Times
  • Make your Home a Smart Home with Pre-Arranged 15 Minute Segment Settings
  • Plug-In type with an easy to use Override Switch Suitable for 240V 13Amp
  • Great Energy Saving Tool can Also Save you Money
  • Dimensions (Single Unit) – L 13CM x W7CM x D7CM


The Glow 24 hour timer switch is the perfect device to turn your home & office into a smart home & office. You can use it to automatically schedule your lights or other electric appliances all year round. This Reliable Glow Timer is the ideal way to protect your Home at night, when you are at Work or when you are on Holiday. It's also perfect for the office after hours to keep your business secure. By using this timer you can signal that the building is occupied even when no-one is in. It will deter any 'would-be' intruders and allows you to leave your home or office with peace of mind. You can also save energy & money with the Glow Timer as you can set the timer to automatically turn off TVs, lights, computers, chargers, and other devices so they're not running 24/7. Sleep peacefully knowing that you aren't using any unnecessary energy and saving costs at the same time. With this great timer you can also control how much time your kids spend watching TV or playing video games. Just set the timer and the device will turn off as you please. This programmable timer is reliable, convenient and a must have device to make your home a smart home.

Max Wattage: 3200W
Max. Current: 13Amp
Voltage:250V AC - 50Hz

Setting the Timer: Set the manual override switch to timer by pushing it downwards. On the Dial there are 96 segments (each segment represents 15mins). Segment pushed down indicates time 'ON'; segments pushed up indicate time 'OFF'. Set the Clock time to the correct time of day using the arrow, turning it clockwise. Plug in the timer and push down the required segments. Plug in appliance to operate. To manually override simply push the switch up.
Dimensions (Single Unit) - L 13CM x W7CM x D7CM