Elves Behavin’ Badly Boy Elf Figure

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  • Create Some Christmas Magic with the Naughty Little Xmas Elf from GLOW
  • Fun and Playful Elves Behavin' Badly Figure with Soft Body and Vinyl Face
  • Hook and Look Grip Hands for Causing Mischief and Mayhem Around the House
  • Dimensions - H30cm x W7.5cm x D7.5cm / H20" x W3" x D3" (approx.)
  • Suitable for Ages 3 and Up


The Naughty Little Elf is a fun-filled Christmas tradition that has captured the hearts of children everywhere who welcome one of Santa's Scout Elves home each holiday season. Elfie's fun loving personality makes him the centre of attention. He is loud, outgoing and very mischievous. He dislikes it when things are quiet and there is no opportunity to make mischief. Elvie is Elfie's long suffering companion. She is quieter, more sensible than Elfie but usually gets dragged into his mischief making.

The Elfie and Elfvie help Santa manage his naughty and nice lists by taking note of a family's Christmas adventures, and reporting back to Santa at the North Pole every single night. Once the work is done, those Naughty little elves entertain themselves in the house, causing all sorts of mischief. Once Morning comes , the Scout Elf returns to its family and perches in a new spot, waiting for someone to spot them. Children love to wake up and race around the house looking for their Scout Elf each morning, and finding out what mayhem they've caused.

As parents, your challenge is to bring the magic to life by creating a new Elves Behavin' Badly display every morning, encouraging the children to find him, and then laugh at what he has been up to whilst the children were in bed. The Elves Behavin' Badly are incredibly mischievous and so, the more creative you can be the better. Stuck? No Problem, just check out the Elves Behavin Badly website for Hints and Tips.

Unlike some other Elf products, Elves Behavin' Badly from GLOW are incredibly good value, and are much more affordable for a family tradition. You can embrace your inner child, and bring out your creativity with pranks, countdowns, fun and games and treats, the opportunities are endless.

Dimensions - H30cm x W7.5cm x D7.5cm / H20" x W3" x D3" (approx.)

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up