Portable Lint & Bobble Remover

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  • Revive and Restore your Old Clothes & Upholstery in an Instant with the Handheld, Portable Lint Remover from GLOW.
  • Simple and Safe to Use Device comes with Rotary Action Safety Blades Adjustable to 2 Sizes in Order to Remove Lint, Bobbles & Fluff Quickly & Efficiently without Damaging the Fabric
  • Perfect to Remove Fabric Fuzz from all Types of Garments & Upholstery such as Coats, Sweaters, Jumpers, Jackets, T-Shirts, Trousers, Blankets, Bed Sheets, Sofas, Curtains, Cushions and More.
  • Great way to Save Money and Give your Clothes & Fabrics a New Lease of Life Whether you are at Home or on the Move
  • Dimensions (Box ) – H17cm x W11cm x D 7cm (approx.) Weight 202g – Battery Operated 2xAA (Batteries Not Included)


Give your worn out clothes and fabrics a new lease of life with the GLOW Handheld Lint & Bobble Remover. Safe and simple to use, its powerful rotating blades glide over the worn out areas of your clothes and gets rid of those unwanted fibres that ruin the look of your clothes. The lint remover collects all lint and fuzz in a removable see through trap which makes it easy for you to see when its full and can be emptied in good time. The remover also has a plastic protective casing which prevents any damage to fabrics and upholstery when moving over garments. With easy adjustable settings you can remove both the longer or shorter fuzz and fluff on your clothing by simply moving a switch. The GLOW Lint Remover is ideal for all clothing including; Coats, Sweaters, Fleeces, Jumpers, Jackets, Shirts, Scarfs, T-Shirts, Trousers and is also perfect to remove the fuzz from other fabric and upholstery such as; Blankets, Bed Sheets, Curtains, Cushions, Car Seats, Linens, Towels and Sofas. Perfectly portable, great for travelling and for home, this lint remover is conveniently sized for easy storage and will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe accessories.

Battery Operated; Requires 2 x AA Batteries (Batteries NOT Included)
Avoid Pressing Heavily on Clothing when Using the Lint Remover
Best to Use on Clothes Before Wearing
For Best Results, Stretch Clothing Before Wearing
Avoid Using on Delicate Clothing
Clean Lint Remover After Each Use
Warning: Keep out of reach of children and Pets. Do Not Use as a Shaver